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and our expert technicians will

treat you like family 

My husband Gay, had been working on La Pavoni restorations for over 18 years after he retired from corporate engineering. Gay restored Pavoni's that were over 50 years old. These family heirlooms, passed down over the years and were brought back to life, restoring both functionality and beauty. La Pavoni is one of the very few espresso machines that is timeless.

When Gay became ill, our family stepped in and took over the business. (Gay helped when he was able). After he passed away, we decided to take over his legacy of EMR.  We continue with the same quality of service our customers have come to rely on for over 28 years.  






Dad Photo.jpg

Gay M. Early

June 6, 1943 - February 9, 2019

75 years young.

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