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Contact Information:

Rebecca Early & Family

Espresso Machine Restorations

3102 South Bay Berry Point

Inverness, FL 34450








Before packing your machine, it is Very Important that these steps are followed:

1.  Empty ALL water from the tank

2. Empty ALL coffee from the cup

3. Shut steam wand valve and tighten tank knob







Boxing and Packing:


  1. Your machine MUST IN A NEW BOX & WELL PADDED to protect it during shipping, this is to Insure there are no additional problems when it arrives. Please ensure you wrap the machine in bubble wrap first.

  2. Important that you INCLUDE ALL COMPONENTS, as it will be tested as a COMPLETE SYSTEM.  

  3. Insure it for replacement value, $500 & up.

  4. For a low cost, you can take your machine to a UPS store and have them pack it for you.  This will take the worry out of it.




  • Your name

  • Return address

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Description of what issues you are experiencing

  • PLEASE INFORM US PRIOR TO SHIPPING, so your machine can be scheduled.

  • EMAIL US THE TRACKING NUMBER, so we can track your package.


              We recommend shipping through UPS


All billing is done by Zelle -

You will  find this on your banking app​

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