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LaPavoni & Elektra Micro Casa a Leva Restoration and Repair


WE provide 3 types of service.


1. Restore and Repair: These two are synonymous. We restore and repair ALL models of La Pavoni lever machines and Elektra Micro Casa a Leva.


2. Standard Restorations:  We DO NOT do warranty work. We DO work on all models of La Pavoni lever machines and Elektra Micro Casa a Leva. We recommend that restorations should be completed every 3 years to ensure the integrity of your machine.


3. Custom Modifications: Painting the machine base, Wood handles and knobs, Mixed Brass/Copper or Chrome. Ensuring your machine is a unique Espresso Machine.

Upon receiving your machine:

  • We visually inspect and test it.

  • We email you with our findings and let you know the cost. At this point we bill you for half the total bill. (return shipping cost will be billed when final payment due)

  • Once you have approved the work, we will start work on your machine.

  • The machine is completely disassembled and cleaned inside and out. 

  • All electrical and mechanical parts are inspected and repaired/replaced as required.

  • All gaskets/seals/o-rings are replaced with genuine Pavoni and Elektra parts. The machine is reassembled and tested for 2 days. 

  • The machine is then polished, taken to our UPS store for packing and sent to you. We will email you the tracking number.

  • You are then billed for the remaining 50% balance plus return shipping.


 The machine is shipped with a 3-month warranty for the parts and service we provided. Please open your box when you receive it. 



Custom La Pavoni's come in many colors, metals, components & materials. This is a small sample of our customers' creative ideas.

The La Pavoni Espresso Machine and the Elektra Micro Casa are the only machines with old world beauty and functionality. These machines in many instances, are past down through multiple family generations. Many customers want to bring them back to a new life and we can accomplish this through the painting of the base, wood handles and knobs, etc....your imagination can create a one of a kind for you !!

Color Ideas:

One customer bought a 1950 kitchen table in red & chrome and wanted her Pavoni to match;

Another re-did her kitchen cabinets in mahogany and wanted her restored machine to match; 

One wanted a Chevy Orange base;

A customer wanted his machine painted a hammered black base and a metallic red tank, etc.,etc. 

Ask and we can create your dream.

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